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Express Eye - Eye Tracker - Saccade Analysis
When eyes move ...
... Express Eye tells you where and when

Express Eye is available in two versions:

Saccade Analysis

Express Eye is a completely stand-alone device that tests a subject for quality of fixation, reflexive gaze control, ability to produce voluntary saccades and measures reaction times in standard visual pro/anti gap/overlap tasks.

This knowledge can be of importance in subjects with neurological, psychiatric (e.g. attention deficit), or ophthalmologic diseases, with reading problems (dyslexia), drug abuse or medication.

This version is designed for clinical and other applications. Express Eye is very easy to use even with patients and children. It is compact, head-mounted and includes target generation and saccade analysis, you need no additional equipment.

Eye Tracker

high precision, low cost eye movement measurement

Express Eye measures eye movements of one or both eyes 1000 times a second with a resolution of about 0.1 degrees within a linear range of +/- 15 degrees. The data can be output either as analog signal or as calibrated binary data via serial line.

This is the right version for you if you want to generate visual targets and do your own data analysis.

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Saccade Analysis

Eye Tracker

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