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Fixtrain is a small hand held device for daily training of saccadic eye movement control and/or stabilization of fixation including visual attention and general concentration. It has some similarity with computer games but with controlled effects on eye movement.

Help for Dyslexic Children with unclear visual problems

Fixtrain was developed to help children with deficits in eye movement control. Many of these children could see normally, had normal or high intelligence, but low reading and/or spelling abilities (dyslexia) or problems in attention and movement control (ADHD).

FixTrain is not a direct cure for dyslexia, but it helps to overcome delayed development and create better conditions for fluent and error-free reading.

Deficits in the control of eye movements can affect different functional areas: fixation, reflexes and voluntary control. It is possible to determine which of these components have deficits by doing two test tasks.The eye movement control can be changed by daily training, even in adults.


Fixtrain uses a simple perceptual task which can only be solved by foveal vision. It offers three programs: stationary fixation, precisely timed and spatially correct reflexive saccades and voluntary saccades in the opposite direction. The difficulty of the tasks can be adjusted individually by changing the timings of the pattern presentation.

FixTrain stores a protocol of each session for later evaluation of the training progress. The data can be transferred to a PC and analyzed by supplied PC software.

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