Freiburger BlickZentrum GmbH

BlickZentrum offers instruments for testing dynamic vision and eye movement control, sound recognition, and for simultaneous number recognition.

Eye Movement Control and Dynamic Vision

For the eyes to do their work not only they must be physical intact, they must also be controlled precisely by the brain. These functions develop until age 18 years.


FixTest allows to test dynamic vision in 3 conditions: fixation, saccades and saccades against the direction of a distractor stimulus


Small hand held device for daily training of fixation and of saccadic eye movement control.


  • Saccade Analysis
    Stand-Alone Eye-Tracker with built in target generator and automatic saccade analysis. Tests saccadic eye movement control.

  • Eye Tracker
    Low cost high precision eye movement tracker

Sound Recognition


Tests 5 independend non-linguistic auditory functions


is used for daily practice of the auditory functions diagnosed by FonoFix.



CountFix tests the ability of recognizing the number of simultaneously presented stimuli.


Small hand held device for daily training of subitizing and number counting. Training recommendation can be determined by assessment with CountFix.

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